The Road to Recovery

Here I am talking about my daughter again!  But no, I am also talking about my husband, other two children and us as a unit.  What we have all been going through as a family is something that can’t actually be put in words to fully describe every single emotion that we have felt and had to endure.  I am generally a very strong person and can cope with every single situation, but there have been times where I have felt that I could throw in the towel completely and never wake up again.  Then there were times that I had thought I was capable of really killing certain people who I felt played a big role in why everything was such a huge disaster.  If that was what I was feeling, I can just imagine how my for other family members must have felt like.

We have all been emotionally scarred and we have been tested to limits beyond the average person’s reach.  It had at certain points felt as if our entire family was falling apart and yes, I wondered if something that had been so broken could every be repaired again.  What I didn’t realize at that point is that everything can be repaired, but it will depend on the attitude that you have towards the situation.  I can’t sit here and tell you now that our lives are perfect, because it isn’t.  Show me anyone’s life that is perfect.  We all have problems and issues, some just a little bit different to the next person’s.

Isn’t it amazing though that when something isn’t as it should be, all the questions start flying around.  Why me?  What have I done to deserve this?  When will all of this end?  All these questions take up majority of the time, instead of us actually thinking of how to fix the problem.  I guess I just woke up one morning and decided, no more questions, only actions.  So I really started making work of the situation.  How?  Well I turned to God.

With all of my being, I wish my family would do the same.  But I have faith that they will in time to come.  In the meantime, I will preach and I will be patient.  In God’s eyes my marriage is sacred and forever.  And in God’s eyes my family is a unit.

I had found a book that I have had for a long time, just never took the time out to actually read it.  “Fireproof.”  Initially I saw the movie and it was so inspiring that I ended up buying the book.  Anyway, last night I decided to read a little and see what the first dare is.


So, I figured, I can do this.  This is going to be a piece of cake or a walk in the park.  There were two Bible verses in the book that had relevance to the dare and so I wrote these two verses down on a piece of paper.  Then i wrote the dare at the bottom of the page.  This morning as I got out of the car at work, I gave my husband the piece of paper.  He took it and asked me what it was…..Sheepishly I said, it’s just something for you to read.

What was my thought process behind this?  Well, we always work together well as a team rather than individual.  I am not expecting him to take the dare, I am simply providing him with the opportunity.  If he doesn’t want to participate, I will do it alone, even though that is not my first preference.   Would be interesting to see if he does.

Regardless of what we are doing or what we are reading, I will still be turning to God and I will still pray for my family.  Despite everything that has happened, I don’t love anyone less than what I loved them to begin with.  If you persevere you can overcome anything and with God by your side all the better.

So here is my challenge for you today:  “Test yourself and see how long your patience will last.”




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