Never been a reader of anything


So today I have come to tell you all about this fascinating book that I have been reading:  “He came to set the captives free – written by Rebecca Brown.”  It is amazing how certain things/people sort of find us, instead of us finding it/them.  Generally reading is the last thing on my mind.  Every time that I thought as much as picking up a book to read, I would literally fall asleep. 

The only books I have ever completed reading and was extremely into was Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking dawn – written by Stephanie Meyer.  How awesome was those books?  Still today, I will watch the movies based on these books, over and over again.  My family tends to get so frustrated with me about it.

About two weeks ago my friend, Maggi, told me about the book:  “He came to set the captives free.”  She had told me about this book, because of everything that I was going through with my daughter and insisted that I find this book.  I had searched the internet two whole days, before finding a place where I could download this book from.

That same evening I started reading it.  During the first couple of pages it felt as if this book was directly speaking to me and I was amazed.  Isn’t it strange how we were brought up in the church and we were taught about God, we tend to know that there is a God, but never do we actually think of really building on that relationship.  We pray in a certain way and when our prayers aren’t answered, we question whether there is in fact a God and if there is, why did something happen or why He wasn’t listening.

Thankfully prior to me coming to hear of this book and actually reading it, I have had my experience with God, where I came to realize that He is there and He is listening.  If it hadn’t been for that, I would have thought that this book was based on someone’s imagination or fantasy world. 

I do believe in God and I do accept Him as my Father, my protector, the master of my life and my Saviour.  I also believe that there is a clear line between good and evil and that the battle between the two will continue for centuries to come.  This book explains that there is so much more to this realm that we are living in, things that a lot of us won’t be able to see or touch.  Satan at a constant battle against God, because Satan want’s to destroy everything that God has touched and made beautiful.

I’ve got a couple of questions for you and I’d like to you to think about it and answer truthfully:

  • Do you really believe there is a God
  • Do you believe in God – IE, Do you live your life the way God wants you to live it
  • Do you believe that Satan exists
  • Do you believe that Satan has human’s as well as demons doing his bidding
  • Do you believe in Demons
  • Do you believe that you have free will and that you can choose whether or not you will live your life in evil or good

After reading this book I have learnt so much more and it has cleared my clouded mind, opened my closed eyes and opened my heart to the Lord.  As I was reading I came across the thing that probably shocked me the most:  “Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves do in fact exists.”  Yes I know, sounds out of this world and you are probably sitting there thinking that I am in fact losing my mind. 

The book explains that these are demons inhabiting a person’s body and can change the person’s appearance and become that.  These Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves are used by Satan to punish people from the cult when they have done wrong.  Does the book pickle your interest yet?

I thought that it would.  Satan uses people.  What do you think happens with you when he is done with you?  He destroys you, ends your life.  Do you think that once you have been involved with Satanism that you can just easily walk away from it all?  No you can’t.  Even after you have accepted Jesus into your life, the battle can still continue.  Satan won’t just let you walk away so easily.  Just think what an embarrassment it would be to lose one of his own, to God.

There’s so many of these demons doing Satan’s bidding, so many people getting involved with the cult.  I think growing up a lot of my friends must have thought that I am such a scared little girl.  Everybody was playing all sorts of games in which they were able to call up the dead, I refused point-blank.  I just know that if I had to suddenly hear a voice or be touched (and this has happened) that I would run on water to get away from it.  Now that I think about it, I’ve actually had a couple of experiences already as far as that was concerned.

There was also a group of children in my school that was involved with Satanism.  I actually just recall everyone talking about them and where their house was, but I can’t remember ever seeing what they looked like.  Not disappointing at all, because I didn’t want to see them or even walk past their house.

At one point everybody was talking about their cats going missing and of course the blame was put on that specific group of people who was involved with the whole satanic things.  During those years and even up until just before I started reading the book, I didn’t know much about it.  Now of course I know that this cult does indeed do human, as well as animal sacrifice.  I know now that the blood is consumed.  How disgusting!

I will never in my life be able to do something so inhumane.  And if I had to choose, I would by all means with 100% certainty choose the Lord’s side. 

This book is extremely serious and I would recommend it to anyone.  If there is anybody interested, kindly comment with your email address and I will email the book directly to you.


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