Daily Prompt: Shiver

via Daily Prompt: Shiver

Shiver can be defined in so many ways.  Some people shiver from the cold, whilst others shiver from fear or excitement.  I’ve heard so many times people even saying:  “I shivered at the thought of that.”  Me on the other hand, simply just shiver from the cold.  I have this argument in our office almost on a daily basis, because come rain, wind or a nice sunny day, the aircon has to be on.  I’ve already contemplated putting a request in for my office to be moved to the back room in the building, where the sun always shine in and of course the back room is also unoccupied.  

Before I moved to Kwazulu Natal, I loved the cold days, the shivers and cuddling up under a nice warm duvet.  Those were the days.  Moving here was an adjustment.  The heat made me feel sick all the time and I couldn’t wear half the clothes that I had in my cupboard because everything felt that it was so clingy to my skin.  Everyone told me that I would acclimatize and that it would get easier.  “Didn’t really believe them at that point in my life.”

When it finally happened, I was surprised and enjoyed the fact that I could again dress warm and shiver occasionally.  But we are never happy with anything that we have in life.  We are always wanting what we can’t have.  I’ve reached this point where I am now cold all the time!  Would very much love some warmth again.  



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