The loss of a child

8 year old boy

This morning on my way to work, listening to the radio, I heard a story about an 8-year-old special need’s boy that was mauled by the neighbour’s wolf type dogs.  It saddened me that a little life was taken and at the same time it angered me as a mother as to how his life was taken.  I can imagine the fear that he had felt whilst this was happening, the pain that he had to endure and the extreme heartache that the parent’s as well as the family must have felt.

When I got to work, the thought of this kept on playing over and over in my mind, so I decided to search the story online.

Reading the article made me feel even worse.  This poor little boy was born with a heart defect and curvature of his spine.  Due to this he had to endure several operations during his short life.  It goes to show that no matter what defects or illnesses you have, it never means that it is this that will take your life.  This story is a fine example of that.

Innocently playing on his bicycle in their own garden….  I find the tears just running down my face. 

What is most frustrating is the fact that this was not the first incident with these dogs.  They had also killed this family’s cat and dog on previous occasions.  At that point this family had insisted that the dogs be put down, but as the owners of the dogs pleaded for this not to happen, they had given in and again moved forward.

Yet the owner is adamant that these were not vicious dogs.  How can one say that considering what the dogs had already done in the past.  And how can they say that, when they had locked the dogs up every time that people entered their property?  It simply doesn’t make sense.

Just imagine the regret that the family of little James must be living with.  I place myself in this situation and I would beat myself up thinking that I should have insisted back then that the dogs be put down.

But then again, I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and your life’s path had been laid out before you were even born.  You can’t regret choices that you have made.  Loss is never easy.

It is so unfortunate that it’s because of dogs like these, that people nowadays are extremely fearful of animals.  I have five dogs at home and they are part of our family, they are like my children.  We have 1 Sharpei (11 years), 1 Pug (5 years), 2 German shepherds (7 months & 5 months) and a cross-breed Staffi/Pitbull that we adopted not knowing her age.

We have brought them all up with as much love and attention as what we can and will continue to do so.  With that said, I do think that the way you raise your dogs will play a big role in what they become, just like the way we bring our children up.

I can say that my dogs are protective and should an intruder enter my property they will fight to the very end, but I have never had to lock my dogs away when we have had visitors.  We have had people with toddlers visiting us and when they get there I would tell my dogs that this is a baby and play nice.  This toddler can pull their ears and their tales, never once have my dogs snapped and bitten them.

As a result of the way that I raised them, I am always capable of bringing new dogs into the family without an issue.

If at any point my dogs had to hurt another animal or human being, I would have them put down immediately, no matter how hard it may be and no matter how much it would sadden me.

In my eyes I feel that the owners of the dogs that killed little James, should never have pets again going forward.  Unfortunately some people are just not cut out for it.  You actually have to love pets in order for you to know how to work with them.

My heart goes out to the family that lost their child in this whole ordeal.  Nothing will ever replace James in their lives and now all they have is the memories and have to live every day with the nightmare of that faithful day.  God is gathering His angels and that special boy is one amazing little angel.


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