The world shares the Moon

via Daily Prompt: Moon

The moon is the earth’s only permanent natural satellite situated in the big sky above, 384 400 km’s from earth.  This is truly amazing knowing that this is not just something that I see, but something that the whole world see’s.  There is only one moon and we are all seeing the same thing from different angles.  How amazing is that.

We don’t always look at the interesting facts about the moon, but then we have the famous moonwalk by Michael Jackson and your husband or your children telling you that they love you to the moon and back.  I’m sure I am not the first person that have heard that.

I remember as a little girl, I just wish that I could do the Moonwalk or even actually walk on it for that matter.  But for now, I’m just happy to look at it, imagining that there is something a little bigger than all of us, just like the man in the moon smiling at us from time to time.

I have just about convinced my children of that.



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