Prison Life in South Africa

So that title can be misinterpreted, but that is how I am feeling at the moment.  Yesterday my daughter and I were at home, me being sick in bed!  I had asked her to go and make me a cup of coffee and to open the door so that the dogs can go outside, which she did.  When she brought the coffee to me, she laid on the bed talking and so was three of the five dogs that we own.

We had heard the two pups barking in the lounge and assumed nothing thereof, because this was how the generally played.  It was only when I heard the running on the front lawn that I jumped out and took a peak out the window.  There was a black male, running toward my drive way gate with a whole lot of things in his hands. 

I ran out behind him, thinking that I would be able to stop him before he jumped over, but unfortunately that didn’t work out too well.  I saw two other black men coming in our direction and I shouted that they must please stop him before he gets away.  They lifted their hand and basically told me that they wouldn’t get involved.  So this is what’s become of life, black against white?  Anyway, I carried on running behind the thief for a distance, before actually turning around, realizing that there was no way that I was going to catch up.

What was more frightening was knowing that it had just been me and my daughter at home and he could have hurt us badly, even possibly killed us.  When the local armed response officers came, we managed to recover a skateboard that he had taken in the bush opposite our house.  I wanted to freak out.  We had only moved into this house on the 1st of August!

This is what has become of South Africa.  We have to live like prisoners in our own homes.  Lock the gates, lock the doors and don’t leave any windows open!  This is absolutely ridiculous.  There are often times when my children are alone at home whilst I am working.  Now I will have to sit and stress about that the whole day, because it’s not that my dogs are really a deterrent.  It didn’t stop him from entering my property yesterday.

We can’t even walk in the streets anymore out of fear.  You never know who is going to wait for you around the next corner!  Our Country was never like this prior to the ANC taking over.  Criminals were actually being charged for their crimes and they would get lengthy prison time.  I now seem to think that the country has taken the place of the actual prison.  We have no become the prisoner’s and the criminals have complete freedom.

We do not even seem to be getting proper Police support, because there is always a story.  Either their vehicle was in an accident, they only have one vehicle in the area or some other nonsense that they can think of.  You hear of a rapist that gets released on R500.00 bail and then you hear of a guy that stole that gets 30 year in prison.  Where is the actual justice in that?

I had to go into the police station the other day for something and I was standing talking to the Captain.  How can they be aware of criminal activities, know who the criminals are and yet these criminals still appear to be on the streets and haven’t yet been apprehended?

Who gives anyone the right to enter my home and take items that they have not worked for?!!  They make such a big thing on National Television about the Oscar Pistorius case, but yet the whole country is going to ruins!  Why do they not televise every single court case relating to any type of crime?  Why do they tell you about apprehended criminals in the newspaper, but never share the criminal’s name or even a picture of what he looks like?

The more I think about it, the more upset I am getting by this entire situation.  South Africa!  If I could pack my bags and leave this place today, I would do that.  What future is left here for our children? 

I am so sick and tired of hearing the word racist!  We have accepted the change, yet whenever things don’t go their way, black people refer to white people as being racist.  A while ago a lady in our town referred to people loitering on the beach as a bunch of monkeys on social media.  What does the black people do?  They take it personally, take the matter to the police whom then laid a charge against this women for making racist remarks. 

The court case proceeded and she was charged with R150 000 fine.  Needless to say, she had to close her little nursery that she had and plus she was a retired women.  That nursery was all that she had.  If she didn’t close the business, they were threatening to burn the place down.  And yes, they will do it, because they simply love burning things!

Almost every morning driving to work you hear on the radio that they are burning tires on the Highway or avoid this area, because they are marching.

How long will this carry on for?  Who is the actual racists?  Who are the ones that are unable to adapt to the change of our country.  We don’t walk around killing them!  We aren’t the ones that steal their belongings!  And for goodness sake, I even refer to my children as monkeys from time to time.

The law has been changed, everything has changed.  Before we could shoot a culprit that entered our homes and now we aren’t even allowed to do that anymore.  “Weapon on Weapon, they say.”  Yet if you shoot a different colour person, you will be racist and you killed them because you are racist.  This has actually become extremely painful.

I can’t live under these circumstances anymore and something will have to get done about it.  I just don’t know what, because nothing is really going to change no matter what we try or what we do.  For now, I will just continue praying for our Country………


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