Obsessed with Change

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed

I have become so obsessed with trying to change my life that it is consuming my every thought of every day and as a result I have become so stressed out with my current situation that all I want to do is scream on top of the highest mountain for the whole world to hear.

Someone else might be obsessed with something completely different.  Obsession is a horrible thing to live with in all instances.  Women might be obsessed with their husband’s or children and men might be obsessed with their work and having social gatherings with their friends.

This is something that can really drive a person insane.  You lose all perspective and become disillusioned.  People look at you with their big eyes and probably think that you are nothing but a mental person.  And yes, that is exactly what obsession does to a person.

There is absolutely no happy medium and unless professional help is obtained that happy medium will never be found.  My daughter on the other hand is obsessed with hoarding things, anything, even if it’s just a till slip with a certain eventful date.

You enter her room and you will find almost anything.  I once went in there about a week before we moved house and I found a whole lot of bottle caps.  When I asked her about it, she told me that these were bottle caps that she picked up when her and her grandfather was taking a walk.

Granddad seemed all to eager to assist with her collection to!  I had also found an empty cigarette box that had belonged to her boyfriend.  He had left the empty box on her dressing table and she decided this was a remembrance of the day he visited her.

Majority of the time having an obsession in never a good thing and it can turn horribly ugly in a blink of a second.  Most serial killers have obsession and so does pedophiles.  Just think about it for a second.  They seek the thrill of actually stangling someone, eating their flesh or hearing their screams.

This is something that we have to consider in life.




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