The Surface of Mankind

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On the surface someone often seems completely different to what they are actually on the inside.  They might seem happy, smile and have a good general appearance, yet they feel sad, unhappy, miserable and stressed beyond the point of no return on the inside.

And then you might find a homeless person on the side of the road that appears to be disgustingly dirty, like they haven’t bathed in days, their face all red and wrinkled as if they had been drinking and abusing illegal substances for years before then.  Have you ever taken the time out to hear their story?

Some homeless people were succesfull business owners, managing directors of big Company’s amongst many other things.  They have ended up homeless because their entire life was dedicated to work, they had no children and their partner whom was their pillar throughout their life had passed away.  These were successful people that had given up on life.

On the surface they appear to be useless and someone that don’t want to make anything of their life, yet they are sad and destroyed on the inside.  They simply felt like they had nothing left to live for.

Yet you might come across another person that is introverted and doesn’t really say much of anything.  That person that just keeps to themselves.  What were they plotting and planning on the inside?  How they were going to commit a serious crime or how will they keep their affair a secret so that nobody finds out.

Bottom line is that we can’t judge everything by what we see on the surface.  There is generally more to someone than just their appearance.  Who knows, if you take the time out to get to know someone, you might even just like them.


One thought on “The Surface of Mankind

  1. Annette says:

    So very very good! I am one of those people that had a bigger story than just being a homeless addict once. Glad to see there are humanly decent folks still willing to look beneath the surface. Thought provoking post! 🙂

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