The Incapable Joker

via Daily Prompt: Joke

It is rather depressing when you come across a person like me, who is totally incapable of telling a joke!  If I had to sit here now and consider telling one, I wouldn’t even be able to think of one.  How sad is that?

And what makes matters worse is the mere fact that I grew up with a dad that absolutely loved telling jokes and make people laugh.  He would simply sit there and suddenly come up with this hilarious story that would have an entire group of people burst out with laughter.

He is my Hero and I am the serious daughter.  Today at his ripe age of 72 he is still making jokes.  How amazing is that!

I do however think that laughter every now and again is good medicine for the sole.  “But I am too scared of wrinkles and I definitely do not want botox.”




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