via Daily Prompt: Luxury

South African probably wouldn’t mind a little bit of luxury every now and again, but with times the way it is, it is a virtual impossibility for everyone.  Life has become like a jar of mixed sweets… You shove your hand in the jar and hopefully you can get to the sweetie that you really enjoy.  Heaven forbid you want a 2nd sweetie!

So what are we left with?  Groceries in our cupboards or a fancy car?  Fancy house or petrol for your car?  In order to have that little bit of luxury, you have to make some serious sacrifices and that all thanks to our Government.  “Those on the high pedestals that can have fancy mansion, cars and groceries in their cupboards.”  Rather frustrating that the criminals have it all and the South African citizens that work their fingers to the bone, still struggle every month.

I don’t want the fancy house and the fancy car or even all the luxuries that life have to offer, I simply want to be comfortable.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?  Will this country ever make a full recovery?  Just enough for everyone can have a little bit of luxury in their homes again.


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