The Expected turned into the Unexpected!

Good Morning everyone!

This story is absolutely as the subject line describes it.  After Kaede’s 2nd birthday, the love of my life and I decided that it is time to add onto our family and give Kaede a little brother.

It wasn’t long after we had made the decision, that we had another bundle of joy on the way.  We were over the moon, but at the same time absolutely terrified because of all the complications I had with my first pregnancy.  At three months we went for our first scan and baby was doing great.  The only hassle I had was the morning sickness.  I couldn’t eat anything and even the mere smell of meat made feel like death.  This was all very new to me as I didn’t have much of this the first time round.

Another two months went by and I went to work as usual.  I had used the ladies room when I discovered that I was bleeding.  The stress was unbelievable and the flash backs returned in full force.  My sister phoned my husband whom came rushing through to take me to the doctor so that they could make sure that everything was okay.  Whilst laying on the bed and waiting for them to set up the scan, a million thoughts were rushing through my mind and suddenly the doctor said:  “There are two heads.”

What more could one person handle?  Why couldn’t things just be normal and why did I have to go through this?  After tugging and pulling on my stomach, the 2nd baby made its appearance.  I was expecting twins and I was only finding this out 5 months into the pregnancy.  I just wasn’t excited at all and I sobbed.  How was I going to take care of two babies?  Having one is expensive, but two!  I wasn’t a big girl either and was worrying about how two babies was going to fit into my small tummy.

We went straight to my mom and sister after our visit at the doctor and I couldn’t even get the words out to tell my mom she was going to be a grandmother of two extra little ones.  Eventually we had everyone sitting crying with us. 

The doctor’s visits continued as normal and after making peace with what was to come, we became really eager to find out the sex of the babies.  It was up and down the entire time.  We were expecting two boys, then two girls and then a boy & a girl.  Eventually we simply agreed that we don’t know and that we would see the day that they are born.  So we couldn’t buy blue and we couldn’t buy pink….  And with the way that I was feeling, I was really okay with it.

The weight and water piled on.  The pain that I was going through was unbearable and all I wanted was for it all to come to an end.  December came and I started having a burning sensation underneath my ribs that wasn’t going away.  I didn’t even want to wear clothes or walk anymore.  All I could think was that I still had to do this until the 14th of February 2004.  Valentines babies.

On the 4th of January my nephew came to our house, dressed up like something that came out of a Scream movie.  When I opened the front door and saw him, I had such a huge fright that I choked in the toasted cheese sandwich that I was busy eating.  He must have had a bigger fright than me, as he decided to run away.  That entire evening I was extremely restless, tossing and turning the whole time.

Early hours in the morning of the 5th, I went to the bathroom and noticed blood again.  Strangely I wasn’t experiencing much pain, but I was prepared for pretty much anything at that point.  I went back to the room to pack some clothes and woke my Angel up in the process.  I calmly told him to get changed and meet me at the car.

As we arrived at the Hospital, the doctor smiled at me and said that we had not yet decided on the birth plan.  Normal or caesarean?  I looked at him and said:  “I don’t think normal is going to work because something is stuck underneath my ribs.”  I went up for an X-ray which confirmed what I had been saying.  One of the baby’s heads is so nicely tucked in there.

I went in for the caesarean, completely sedated.  According to my hubby, I was in for a very long time and he has never seen anything like that in his life.  It was a struggle to get the 2nd baby out and in the process I had lost a lot of blood. 

I remember waking up as I was being reeled down the passage and the first person I saw was my mom.  All I asked was, what did I have?  A boy and a girl.  Two for the price of one.  I hadn’t been in the ward for too long, when they brought the two babies to me.  I felt so bad because of my feelings towards them.

They had been the ugliest babies I’d ever seen in my life and of course I was feeling so ill from the loss of blood and my poor stomach muscles being torn to shreds, that I didn’t have any interest in taking care of them either.  Thank goodness for all the family that we had around to assist, especially my mother in law.

It was at this point that I realised how different a caesarean is compared to a normal delivery.  You don’t seem to realise at first that these babies are actually your own flesh and blood.  I sure expected to feel much more excited.  Today however, I feel very blessed and they are two beautiful children with the most amazing personalities.

Tiffany is the caring and most gentle person, whereas Teagan is the joker in the family.  He always seems to find a way to make everyone laugh.  Without them my life wouldn’t be complete.  But this pregnancy was also enough to say this is it, no more.  Chances after having twins to have twins again, was too high for my liking.

If you’ve had a twin pregnancy, please share your story with me. 


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